The Basics Of Running- What To Keep In Mind Before You Start Running

Think about the most basic cardio exercise and running would pop up in your head. It’s undoubtedly the easiest form of exercise and you need almost nothing to get started with it – apart from a good pair of shoes and motivation, of course. Running is common as an exercise among all age groups and you can start it anytime as long as you’re medically fit for it. P.S – Running from responsibilities and adulting is still not counted as cardio, sad! 

Benefits of Running

 It’s a very general idea that running is good for your cardio health but it has quite some benefits, you’ll be surprised. Just getting yourself out of that door for a run helps your body to raise the level of good cholesterol, enhance the lung functions and blood circulation. It also reduces the risk of having breast cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart stroke. That’s not all – running  helps to burn calories which results in weight loss, it also triggers hormones in your body that help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Isn’t it amazing?

Following are some dos and don’ts for the budding runners: 


Slow and Steady

Remember that your mind and your body works in different ways, your decision to start running won’t necessarily support your physical strength to do so. Just like every other workout even running should be started at a slower and comfortable pace. Experts say that it’s best to run your first kilometer with a pace that can still allow you to have a conversation. It will save you from cramps, overexertion, side stitches, etc. Now you won’t enjoy that, right? Being slow in the beginning is definitely better than running out of breaths. 

Add Variations To Your Running

Consider adding variety to your running schedule  only a week after your consistent running. Now that your body is more habituated with your running routine, this is the right time to bring in a few changes or rather, challenges. No, don’t go overboard, what we are suggesting is a different type of running routines or exercises that’s slightly similar to this. The types of running variations that you can try are basic recovery run, base run, long run, progression run, hill repeats, farther and many more. You can even try changing the terrain you’re running on, like switching from the park or pavement to a rocky or uneven off-road. It’s fun and spices up your running routine. 

Intervals and Rest

We can’t emphasize much on the fact that intervals and rest days are as important as your running routine. When you take intervals during running, your body gets a chance to prepare itself for the next sprint and your heart gets to take time off heavy circulation cycle. So it’s advised to take timely intervals while running and not only when you’re maximally exhausted. Rest days are equally important and it’s a globally accepted fact that rest days help your body restore energy, repair, and develop the muscles to make you all fit and fabulous for your next run. 


Don’t Overeat

So many believe that heavy meal first thing in the morning helps keep the body energized throughout the day. Well, they ain’t entirely wrong about this, but you need to put a tab on what you’re eating and how much you’re eating, especially if you are planning to go for a run just after that. The best way of doing this is by knowing more about pre-workout and post-workout meals – What to eat before and after a workout? – Pre and Post-Workout Meal.  For starters, you can choose to have bananas, oats, and some dry fruits to grab some fuel for your run. 

Skipping Your Warmup

Shaking and stretching your muscles before any kind of workout is mandatory even if you’re going for a run. Most people tend to skip warm-up before running because it’s unlike the conventional workout, which may result in muscle pull, cramps or sore heels. You can do basic stretching exercises for hips, quadriceps, shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings to get your body pumped-up before you start. To know more about stretching read Everything You Wanted To Know About The Art of Stretching.

Wrong Choice of Footwear

The seasonal runners would swear on how important good footwear is for a satisfying morning run. Being the only asset that you’ll have to spend a few bucks on, good shoes will surely take your running regime to the next level. Not only will it help you to avoid unwanted injuries but also make running easy. Experts say that shoes come with an expiry age of 500 km. The wearing off your shoes also depends on other factors like your body weight, the maintenance, your running style, etc. 


Needless to emphasize, make sure you’re treating your body with enough fluid at the right intervals. It’s very important to remember that having too much fluid might end up getting side stitches and having too little while exhausting you resulting in fatigue. Find the right balance according to your body and never forget to carry a reusable water bottle for your run. 

Pro Tip: You might feel like laying on the ground or even taking a nice nap after a long run, abort that thought right away, refuel, stretch, and get going with your day! 

Comment down if you have any tips that you’d like us to add here, happy running fellas!

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Corona-Virus through a Mother’s Eye’s

As a mother I have never been more surprised to find myself especially in such modern times dealing with a virus “The Corona-Virus” and all the pandemonium that came with it.

Starting with having to explain to my mother-n-law that she is not allowed to step-outside of her house. No walking to her favorite retailers or restaurants, no walking to Rite Aide to pick up her medications, and definitely no taking the local Bus to get groceries. If that wasn’t already allot for her to process I then proceeded to explain to her that she is not even aloud to have any contact from friends, neighbor’s but most importantly no visits from her loved ones, that was such a difficult conversation I can only imagine how sad and alone she must have felt especially by the sound of her voice.

I am not even sure what logistical nightmare’s that are about to complicate our lives, coordinating to ensure she has her medication’s and Groceries. I literally started to organize my thought’s with concerns to my mother-n-law when I received news that my son’s school board decided it would be best to close his school from March 16, 2020 until April 6,2020, unless when the board meets on March 25th to extend his school’s closure.

This is insane the effects this virus has brought with it, our local grocery store is closing early due to limited inventory, even our local Costco is being cleaned out, I saw several grown adults literally fighting over Toilet-Paper, Toilet-Paper. I am not impressed with how times like these when we should be working together to support one another we are allowing fear to dictate our lives.

We are teaching our youth in the midst of all this how to handle future problems may they be big or small, this is not the message I personally want my son to learn. I am instead going to use this Health crisis as a learning experience, and come up with tools to help in the event of future situations that may arise. We owe it to our children to equip them instead of allowing them to watch grown adults fighting over Toilet-Paper.


Improve Your Immunity With These Super Foods

As we all grow accustomed to life in the age of novel coronavirus COVID-19, and scientists continue working on antivirals and vaccines, many experts are suggesting the public take a holistic approach to general health maintenance. There are trillion of inquiries about how to stay safe from getting affected and therefore improving immunity is one of the most important things that is doing the rounds.

What are the foods that boost immunity? What are the supplements to take? While you are baffled, let us tell you a few tricks on how to improve your immunity. Although the tips below are not ways to protect you from contracting the virus, having a healthy immune system will strengthen your body’s self-defense mechanism. They are the warriors who fight just for you, to keep you healthy and strong. Since we figured what our immune system does for us let’s see what we can do for it.

Here’s a list of 10 foods that would help you keep your immune system up and working.



Carrots have anti-oxidants, Vitamin – A, C and K, Iron, Potassium and an abundance of Vitamin B (beta carotene and folate). Great for your immune system, skin hair and even your eyes.

Carrots - Foods to Improve Immunity


Papaya is a rich antioxidant too. It has carotenes and flavonoids and is a source of Vitamin B and C as well. It is also a good source of fiber so it’s great for both weight loss and digestion. What papaya also does is it helps reduce pimples and gives your skin a natural glow.

Papaya - Foods to Improve Immunity


You sweet tooth is taken care of by this yummy fruit. A little sweet and a little sour, pineapples are pretty versatile and is packed with goodness. Being a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, pineapples are good for your eyes, bones and also aids digestion.

Pineapple - Foods to Improve Immunity

Citrus Fruits And Berries

Citrus fruits and Berries like Oranges, Lemons, Grapefruits, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry are great for the immune system. High in Vitamin – B, C, Potassium and Calcium, Citrus Fruits and Berries keep your immune system in good shape.

Berries - Foods to Improve Immunity


Cruciferous Vegetables

Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Turnip, Radish are all cruciferous vegetables. Apart from being unbelievably filling, these veggies are high in fiber and are a rich source of Vitamins – A, B, C, Folic Acid, Magnesium and Potassium. They also lower the risk of cancer and improve the cardiovascular health.

Radish - Foods to Improve Immunity

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Something that most of our kitchens have, Turmeric! It’s not just a great Antiseptic and Antibacterial but Turmeric has been proven to help in weight loss and reducing cholesterol levels. It is also effective in treating depression and is a natural liver detoxifier.

Turmeric - Foods to Improve Immunity


Ginger is pretty popular in the Indian kitchens as a taste enhancer. Ginger also aids digestion, relieves congestion and cold, and helps in controlling high blood pressure but do we know that Ginger is also a great pain reliever and acne remedy? Oh yes! And it also helps in growing long beautiful hair.

Ginger - Foods to Improve Immunity


Who doesn’t know the many benefits of garlic! Spice your food up with garlic and you do so much for your body. Your heart’s functioning improves, blood get purified, skin becomes clearer and glowing, hair becomes better and the list goes on.

Garlic - Foods to Improve Immunity

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Poultry, Red Meat and Fish

Fret not, non-vegetarians! There’s also poultry, red meat and fish that’s going to help your immune system. Skin out chicken, tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel. Red meat like mutton, beef and pork are rich in iron and boost your immune system functioning. However, only lean cuts of these meats are suggested as they are also high in cholesterol.

Red meat - Foods to Improve Immunity


Last on the list but definitely not the least, yogurt. A rich source of calcium, Vitamin – D and protein, yogurt soothes the gut and is a probiotic. Multiple benefits in just that one cup, huh? Eating yogurt also keeps you fuller so feel free to indulge. Keep it low fat and the benefits are even more.

Yogurt - Foods to Improve Immunity

To add in the end, there is no predetermined miracle pill or special food to strengthen your immunity overnight. Yet there are a few precautionary measures you can take to improve your immunity and ensure that it does its best job to fight Coronavirus. You can add the immunity-boosting foods in your daily diet to be on the safer side. Loads of water and following the proven health advice like washing your hands frequently, not touching your mouth, face, and nose will help you reduce the chances of getting infected. Comment below and let us know if any of these foods helped you. Eat right, workout and stay healthy!

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Finding Signs of Health Woes in Facebook Postings

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter
THURSDAY, March 12, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Could clues to future health emergencies be found in Facebook posts?Maybe so, according to a new study that discovered there are changes in users’ posts before they seek emergency care.For the study, researchers analyzed the Facebook posts and medical records of more than 2,900 patients at a U.S. urban hospital, including 419 who’d had a recent emergency department visit for problems ranging from chest pain to pregnancy-related issues.

Analysis of Facebook posts from as early as 2.5 months before those patients’ emergency visits revealed that most had changes in their language before seeking emergency care.

Specifically, they were less likely to post about leisure or use words like “play,” “fun” and “nap,” and less likely to use internet slang and informal language such as “u” instead of “you,” the findings showed.

The closer they got to their emergency department visit, the patients’ Facebook posts increasingly focused on family and health. There was also increased use of anxious, worrisome and depressed language, according to the study published March 12 in the journal Nature Scientific Reports.

The study suggests that social media posts may offer clues about health problems and could potentially be used to identify and help people, the researchers said.

“The better we understand the context in which people are seeking care, the better they can be attended to,” said study author Sharath Chandra Guntuku, a research scientist at the Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health, in Philadelphia.

“While this research is in a very early stage, it could potentially be used to both identify at-risk patients for immediate follow-up or facilitate more proactive messaging for patients reporting doubts about what to do before a specific procedure,” Guntuku added in a University of Pennsylvania news release.

The decrease in informal language “seems to go hand-in-hand” with an increase in anxiety-related language, said study co-author H. Andrew Schwartz, an assistant professor of computer science at Stony Brook University, in New York.

Guntuku pointed out that people “seem to become more grave and serious” when they are unwell.

“And looking beyond the family mentions data, it’s possible that, when health is down, the need for belonging increases and shows up in what one posts on social media,” he concluded.

WebMD News from HealthDay


SOURCE: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, news release, March 12, 2020

Copyright © 2013-2018 HealthDay. All rights reserved.

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Corona Virus–empower yourself with knowledge and stop feeling helpless. You’re not.

If you watch the news, you know that fears about the Corona virus are the top news story every night. How much of the information is actually useful though?  Do you have a mask yet? Are you freaking out because there’s no hand sanitizer to be found? Grocery stores and even large chain home improvement stores are selling out of both. Even Aloe Vera is difficult to find as panic gripped people try to make their own sanitizer.

The government uses these virus fear tactics to control populations. People trust that the government will protect them. People willingly give up their rights and freedom for
security and “protection”. Fear is paralyzing and proven to lower IQ to almost childlike status. That’s how they control you.  Most of those who die from these global virus events are people who are already immune system compromised with physical, chemical, or emotional stress before they are infected.

So wouldn’t logical thinking tell you to improve your own immune system to protect yourself?

A few years ago in 2015, the global fear was the mosquito spreading Zika virus to vulnerable pregnant women. Zika infection during pregnancy could result in a brain condition called microcephaly to the child.  Before that it was Ebola and SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Are you aware that SARS first appeared in 2003 and is caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV)? (Resources) And yet, everyone reading this survived—or your parents did.

People recover. Humans have
survived plagues and viruses since the beginning of time. A virus is a virus. Your
body is equipped.

Understanding how a virus
replicates once inside your body is far more beneficial than buying a mask and
hand sanitizer to fight it. And hand sanitizer is so over rated. It contains
cancer-causing ingredients.  It actually
dries out your hands and destroys the natural Creator given protective flora
and oil glands on the largest organ of the body—your skin. This leads to
secondary infections. Studies have shown that hand sanitizer takes 4 minutes of
vigorous scrubbing to actually kill germs on your hands. (Resources below)
Meanwhile you are stripping your skin of the very bacterial defenders you need
to survive. Healthy skin is your first line of defense. Keep in mind, your body
knows perfectly and exactly how to prevent viruses from entering your body. Your
skin is comprised of millions of protective bacterial species. Unless you scrub
them off! Bacillus subtilis, for just one example, fights off other harmful
bacteria and was used to make the antibiotic ointment Bacitracin.

Sadly, most medical
intervention is counter intuitive. Take the idea of fogging the air with
alcohol and sanitizers.  This actually
weakens the immune system response and predisposes people to further infection.
Think of hospitals—the pillars of sterilized sanitized institutions. There are
hand sanitizers outside every room. Yet, 1.7 million Americans develop
hospital-acquired infections each year and 99,000 of them die.  (Resources)
Infections like MRSA and C-diff are frequently acquired after a hospital
or nursing home stay. These secondary infections can be deadly or difficult to
treat at best. If you can’t kill germs in a hospital setting without causing secondary
infections—maybe the germs aren’t the problem.

Still, the fear mongering
media doctors tell us of makeshift hospital like quarantine centers where one
person can infect large groups of people and actually spread the disease.  Fear and panic weaken the immune system faster
than the medications they give you to suppress the symptoms.  And they’re not going to serve you natural
antivirals like garlic and blueberries. Or healing immune system boosters like
Kombucha, Kefir, or raw fermented veggies. Since part of your immune system is
located in your gut—it makes sense to improve your immune system by improving
your microbial diversity.  The more
variety of beneficial bacteria, the healthier the immune system.

If the media docs really
wanted to scare you awake—maybe they’d tell you that you have a much better
chance of dying from risk factors that have little to nothing to do with
viruses and everything to do with factors that are completely under your own

The number of deaths by risk
factor in 2017 had 10.44 million people dying of high blood pressure and 6.53
million dying of high blood sugar. And despite all the research, all the money,
all the technological and medical advances—the number one and number two causes
of death have remained the same for decades: cardiovascular disease (17.79
million deaths in 2017) and cancer (9.56 million deaths in 2017). (Resources)  But keep taking those pills they give you
because your lifestyle has nothing to do with your dis-ease.

You can protect yourself from viruses by avoiding crowded public places like fitness gyms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, mass transit, sporting events, cruise ships, and daycare.  If you or your kids are sick, stay home! Avoid public quarantine.

If you have to use a public
restroom—wash your hands and then use a paper towel, a tissue, your elbow, or
foot to open the door. Teach your children to do the same! Kids love to touch
everything and then touch their face. Consider shopping online and pick up at
the grocery store.  At least for the near
future, be vigilant. But always wash your hands. And always be vigilant.

Your throat has a
sophisticated intelligence system located in the small pores lining the back of
it, that act like a switchboard to detect foreign invaders and neutralize them.
The tonsils and adenoids are lymph tissue that hold these invaders so they
can’t get into your lungs. Unless you’ve had them removed. Coughing clears the
lymph. Giving drugs like Tylenol for fever, or cough medicine to suppress symptoms
only drives the virus deeper!  Viruses
like to hide in the lower part of the lungs where they can remain undetected
and multiply. The Wim Hof Method teaches deep breathing. (Resource) Very few
people know the simple yet profound power of deep breathing.

Despite what the media
doctors and social media tell us—Vitamin C is being used very effectively to
treat the coronavirus in Wuhan China. There are other crucial nutrients like
zinc and selenium listed in the articles below. (See resources

Vitamin A and D3 work at the
cellular level to prevent the virus particles from entering the cell. The
particles must gain entrance to the DNA in your cells in order to multiply. The
longer they remain locked outside the cell—the easier time your immune system
has to recognize them and destroy them. (See Passover Protocol below)

Some other helpful things you
can do right now to boost your immunity:

  • Decrease stress—meditate, pray, listen to music, deep
    breathe, turn off the TV and quit yelling at the nightly news (wait, that’s
    just me)
  • Get plenty of rest. Turn off the TV; leave your phone
    outside the room.  Optimal 7-8 hours. Complete
    Darkness. Sleep is when your body digests food and performs repairs.
  • Eat clean—natural, local, organic and include warm
    bone broths, garlic, onions, kombucha, kefir, and raw fermented veggies. Eat
    within an 8-hour period every day. Try to fast for 12-16 hours before you break
    your fast. If your body has too much food to digest (no midnight snacks)—it
    can’t work on the immune system repairs and rebuilding. Rest and Digest.  Your gut—like your skin, has billions of
    protective and beneficial bacteria. Feed them.
  • Activated Charcoal or Bentonite Clay to draw out
  • Deep breathing—Wim Hof method
  • Far Infrared Sauna—sweat out those toxins!  Far infrared is safe for heart patients but
    check with your doctor just to be sure. (Resources)
  • Take a walk outside in fresh air and get some daily
    sunshine. If you can’t walk then sit outside in the sun and do some deep
    breathing. Spending time in nature is healing.

Please keep in mind (once again) that you were born with innate, Creator given protective mechanisms to ensure your survival. You were not born deficient in drugs to combat viruses. Educate and empower yourself with knowledge of how your body works.  Fear is paralyzing and incapacitating and leads to feelings of helplessness. But you are not helpless!

Focus on the things you can
control. You choose what public events you attend. You choose what you eat and
drink. You choose to feed the good bacteria that keep you alive every single
day. You choose to strengthen your immune system proactively and get plenty of
rest.  You choose to keep your family
safe. You choose not to be a victim.

“You had the power all along”
(Glinda, The Good Witch—The Wizard of Oz))



Top 10 | Best in Show: Instagram

The 2019 WEGO Health Awards turned out to be our biggest celebration yet! With over 6k nominations and 130k endorsements, we were able to celebrate more Patient Leaders than ever before.

The program celebrates the top 5 finalists in each of the 15 WEGO Health Awards categories, but with so many nominations, it’s nearly impossible to shine a bright light on all these deserving nominees! In hopes of recognizing even more nominees, we’ve compiled the Top 10 Patient Leaders in each category based on community endorsements.

WEGO Health Awards Best in Show: Instagram Award

These Top 10 Instagram Patient Leaders are leveraging the media sharing platform to raise awareness for their condition area. Through pictures, videos, and stories, these leaders are cultivating a community of support, transparency, and encouragement. For anyone looking to bring their advocacy to Instagram, these are the ones to watch for strategy, inspiration & engagement tactics!

@health_anxiety (Taylor Marae) | Mental Health Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Instagram Winner

Taylor Marae, registered dietitian in integrative and functional medicine, owner of the instagram account @health_anxiety and creator of @anxietytoolkit / After going to extreme panic disorder, health anxiety, depression and agoraphobia, Taylor found her way to recovery and made it her life goal to help others struggling with mental health issues feel less alone. During her worst anxiety days she felt so alone like no one understood, she made it her goal to never let someone else feel that way. Today, she freely speaks about her advocacy for mental health and has shaped her career around mental health. Now, gaining over 84,000 followers she is helping so many people feel less alone. Since, she has opened up Anxiety Toolkit which provides people with boxes full of anxiety fighting products to help find peace during your peak of panic.

Get to know the WEGO Health Awards winner and follow her on social.

@CarissaBarzee (Carissa Barzee) | Infertility Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Instagram Finalist

“My husband and I have been going through infertility for almost 5 years and we have shared it on social media for over 2 years. We have done multiple fertility treatments (meds & ti, IUI, and IVF). We have also experienced the heartbreak of child loss twice. Our biggest goal is to help others feel less alone, educate in the best way we can, while also sharing that you can still find joy in the journey. We are sooo grateful to have a platform and to be a voice for others.”

Want to get to know Carissa? Click here.

@TheCancerPatient | Cancer Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Instagram Finalist

This account offers a satirical look at life as a cancer patient. It’s relatable and funny memes bring much needed laughter to the challenges of a cancer patient journey.

Add @TheCancerPatient to your feeds.

Dr. Christina Iglesia | Mental Health Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Instagram Finalist

On October 10th, 2018 (World Mental Health Day), Dr. Christina Iglesia launched the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign. Dr. Iglesia launched this initiative after several patients disclosed how they don’t disclose the fact that they participate in therapy, even to the closest people in their lives. Statements shared, like “My parents don’t believe in therapy” or “People would think I am crazy or something” continued to make their way into the therapy room. The theme of these conversations kept coming back to stigma, this implicit agreement that mental health issues are not to be talked about. It became clear to Dr. Iglesia that people will continue to suffer in silence until we make it socially acceptable to partake in mental health treatment, such as therapy. It is with this in mind that Dr. Iglesia created the #therapyiscool mental health action campaign, with the intent to encourage authentic and open conversations about mental health.

Find out more about Dr. Iglesia’s mission and add her to your feed.

@cinnamillie_ | Eating Disorder Patient Leader

2019 Best in Show: Instagram Finalist

After being diagnosed with the most deadly psychiatric condition (Anorexia Nervosa) at the age of 15, Millie went against all odds to become the inspiring young woman she is today. Born and raised in a little South Yorkshire town in England, Millie personifies the “she may be but little, but she is fierce” quote by Shakespeare. Since creating her Instagram account to go in-depth about her mental health struggles, Millie has amassed over 11.5K followers, as well as finding love through her account too. Millie explains the ins-and-outs of having anorexia, whilst also going into the nitty-gritty areas which are too “taboo” in society, such as the physical effects of eating disorders, the hardships that arise from weight restoration and the suicidal ideation; but, Millie manages to twist this into a positive, encouraging her followers to fight against the cruelty of eating disorders, revealing what her life is like with the illness (mostly) not in her life anymore.

Add Millie’s motivational voice to your feed.

Natalie Kelley – @plentyandwellwithnat | Ulcerative Colitis Patient Leader

“There were moments in that hospital bed I thought I would never be where I am at today – running my own business, helping other women with IBD and connecting with the most AMAZING IBD community on Instagram. But most importantly, I’ve learned that an autoimmune disease doesn’t make it harder to reach my dreams, it adds TO my dreams because without ulcerative colitis I wouldn’t have found my passions, I wouldn’t be a holistic health coach, I wouldn’t have the amazing community that I now have and I wouldn’t be able to change other IBD patients’ lives, and that is truly priceless.”

Want to learn more about Natalie? Click here to follow her.

Arafa Salim Said | Sickle Cell Disease Patient Leader

Arafa’s biggest advocacy aim is to move toward a sickle cell-free Africa in future generations. In the meantime, she promotes healthier, stronger, and more supported living with sickle cell disease. Specific objectives include country-wide pre-marital sickle cell testing, promoting literacy for young people with sickle cell, and increasing the standards of sickle cell care. Through instagram, twitter, facebook, youtube, and other social media platforms, she is able to build a large digital community that can work together toward these aims. Her digital media advocacy also offers inspiration, education, and advice for Tanzanians living with sickle cell disease. Her hope is that her efforts will lead to a brighter future for the next generation of Tanzanians.

Check out Arafa’s important advocacy work. 

Megan King @thetravelinghaloofhope | Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Patient Leader

“Becoming an advocate for EDS happened by chance. My journey began in Sept. 05′ at 16. I can’t believe 1 decision changed the trajectory of my life forever. I’ve endured 35 surgeries due to EDS with the next 1 scheduled for Sept. 19′. Due to limited resources I wrote about my journey in the hopes to connect with others. I want to be a small part of the solution for EDS treatments. It’s classified as rare but it really isn’t. No two cases of EDS are the same. This can make diagnosis difficult because there’s no “face” to EDS. We are all unique individuals with our own unique presentation of symptoms. As I wrote, to my surprise, people responded to what I was sharing.”

Follow Megan and see the important work she’s doing.

Rachel Straining – @thenoglutengirl | Crohn’s Disease Patient Leader

“When I was first diagnosed, even though I knew it wasn’t true, I just felt like the only person in the world who had this disease. I didn’t realize that there were other people out there who were fighting battles so similar to one that was waging war within my own life. ⁣One day, I made the random decision to make an Instagram account to find some gluten-free food inspiration. That day, I also found myself searching the hashtag “Crohn’s Disease.” That day, I realized that, all along, I had never really been alone.”

Add Rachel to your feed and stay updated about her advocacy.

Lucy Johnbosco | Diabetes Patient Leader

“I have been using my Diabetes experience as a Type One diabetes patient to motivate and inspire others who have lost hope.”

Inspired by Lucy’s mission? Add her to your feed.

Don’t forget to follow these Top 10 advocacy accounts on Instagram for more inspiration!

Spotlight On: Juliana Good

Name: Juliana Good

Department: Public Policy

Role at UNH: Student

Year Started at UNH: 2017

What does being healthy look like to you? 
Prioritizing both mental and physical health is important, and I go to the gym five days a week. I go to the gym because it is a stress reliever. If there are days that I am too tired then I won’t push myself – it is important to also listen to my body and brain.

What do you do to keep UNH healthy?
I am passionate about accessibility and disability policy. A big part of accessibility is removing barriers that make people’s lives harder.

How do you stay fit? 
The gym! I love the gym, it’s really nice and going is a stress reliever. I try to walk as much as I can and I don’t take the bus that often. It’s important to take time everyday to strengthen the body.

Do you have any tips for eating healthy? 
In one of my classes right now we work with Michael Pollan’s work and in summation of what he says, we should “eat food, not too much, and mostly plants.” UNH dining halls have healthy options too. I try to stay away from things that are processed and I appreciate the Wildcat Plate.

How do you find motivation to stay healthy and active on campus? 
If I don’t do the things that I need to do in order to stay healthy, then I will become unhealthy and get sick. Health looks different for everybody, and I’m fortunate that I have found a rhythm and it makes me feel better. Coffee keeps me motivated through the week and any day that I have a good laugh is a good day. I try to find positive connections with people, my professors, friends, and the people I work with.

Have you seen or felt any improvements to your physical or mental well-being after making positive changes in your life? 
Big time! It took a while to find rhythm for how much I wanted to workout, what I eat throughout the week, and what I do throughout the week. This semester I have started to find balance and stride and I feel more energized and have been sleeping better, which as been a really nice thing.

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for others on campus to create a healthier lifestyle?
Ask yourself: if I do this thing now, will I feel better or worse in the next hour, tomorrow, or next week? This frames my decision-making, and it helps me decide what is a good future for myself.

Running on Empty

It seems in this day and age we are constantly on the go and whether it is because your tired from working too much, or in my case unfortunately always dragging due to many essential daily medications’. I find myself looking for ways to supplement my energy, for many of us it maybe that you have a work deadline or to help your children with their homework and endless after school activities, and just maybe if you’re lucky enough to enjoy a well-deserved night out. Let’s face it not all of us are huge fans of coffee, or the endless energy drinks flooding the shelves at every grocery store, gas station and retailer.

After spending probably too many hours surfing the internet, I came across fairly new company called Eagle Energy (Next Level Energy Inc), you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It’s the perfect product for individuals who don’t care for the traditional products like energy drinks or coffee.  This is nothing like anything I have come across before, it is a diffuser that basically you inhale to get your energy.

The diffuser is infused with Guarana increasing energy levels, memory, mood and reaction time, Ginseng that helps stimulate physical and mental health, and B12 that aides in increasing energy and vitality. Each diffuser contains 400 inhales with 20-25 inhales per serving delivering similar caffeine comparable to an energy drink. As with any product it does come with Disclaimers such as not intended for use by Persons under the age of 18 or anyone Pregnant or Breastfeeding, Caffeine sensitive persons and not recommend to be mixed with Alcohol. With that being said I personally love this product; I have been using it for several months now and find it works great.

I hope you found this to be informative and enjoyed our time together, so until next time stay energized.


Sleepless Nights

     I am constantly researching ways to improve my sleep as I am sure many of you are for various reasons. Through my research I came across a fairly new product called Cloudy -personal diffuser. I have personally been actively using Cloudy for several weeks, I was very skeptical at first but this product works. Cloudy is drug free, natural, vegan, and thank goodness pesticide free.

Cloudy’s main ingredients are Melatonin, Lavender, Chamomile, Theanine, Grape Extract, VG/PG Blend. With no Nicotine or Diacety. Cloudy promotes relaxation and better sleep, also helps when your stressed and promotes a feeling of calmness. Cloudy’s diffuser is very easy to use and comes in a cute box that slides open with clear directions on the back of the box, containing a slim led diffuser with a rubber cap on the top of the diffuser to protect the mouthpiece. Directions displayed on the back of the box, stating take -7 inhales nightly before you are ready to go to bed. Each disposable diffuser contains 250 puffs with 0.5 MG per puff.

As with any form of product has listed warning’s that say do not drive or operate machinery when taking Melatonin.  I am always on the lookout for products to help me sleep due to unfortunate symptoms steaming from having a spinal cord injury.  So, I love when I come across a product that really works. If this is something you think my help you, check Cloudy out at I also recommend speaking to your Primary care Doctor to make sure that none of the ingredient’s interfere with any medications you may be taking or any conditions you may have.  I hope you found this blog to be very helpful, I enjoyed sharing with you by far one of my favorite products. Until next time have a great day.