A Day in the Life of a Wellness Educator/Counselor

An Interview with Wellness Counselor/Educator, Shannon Seiferth

Recently, I was able to have a sit-down interview via Zoom with Wellness Counselor/Educator, Shannon Seiferth! Shannon is a Living Well Service Staff member of Health & Wellness here at UNH.

During the interview I asked Shannon a series of questions regarding how she finds her work/life balance as she is a fully remote employee. On top of working remotely, Shannon is also finding the balance of raising her new son with the help of her husband. With all of the crazy things happening in the world, Shannon is still able to find the work/life balance by checking in with her emotions throughout the day; avoiding emails during her daily lunch break; and stays motivated throughout the day by blocking out times in her schedule to get physical activity and body movement.

In addition, showing us how Shannon is navigating this new way of “remote” life, she also offers us some really meaningful advice and tips about balancing work-life and home-life all while being a fully remote employee at UNH.

To watch the full interview, find the video below on our YouTube channel!

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