“A mother’s journey”


I am a dedicated mother of a amazing ten year old, my son reminds me everyday how lucky I am to still be here to watch him grow up. In 2016 my life and my sons life changed for ever, I went in for routine neck surgery and came home three months later with a spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed on my right side of my body with limited mobility to do anything on my own.  Presently I have regained some mobility back but not without daily struggle, if it wasn’t for my son i’m certain life would look allot different. My son once said to me “Mom you can handle destruction like a champ” this was at the age of seven, so that being said he is a daily reminder to never give up and never loose hope.

Given my current state of health unable to return back to work, I have had to start thinking outside the box to obtain income due to being permanently disabled , and along the way I found writing with the hopes of possibly making some extra income, but finding through this process to be extremely therapeutic.

I started at first keeping a journal of not just my thoughts or struggles but my discovery’s through trial and error of products and treatments I am trying to make each day if only temporary or permanent more tolerable. I now have become a avid reader on anything I can get my hands on, researching products, equipment, therapy as well as natural remedies. My goal is to find ways to change my life, my son’s life for the better and if along the way it helps others out then even better. So, thank you for taking the time to read my story, and lastly never lose hope.