Corona-Virus through a Mother’s Eye’s

As a mother I have never been more surprised to find myself especially in such modern times dealing with a virus “The Corona-Virus” and all the pandemonium that came with it.

Starting with having to explain to my mother-n-law that she is not allowed to step-outside of her house. No walking to her favorite retailers or restaurants, no walking to Rite Aide to pick up her medications, and definitely no taking the local Bus to get groceries. If that wasn’t already allot for her to process I then proceeded to explain to her that she is not even aloud to have any contact from friends, neighbor’s but most importantly no visits from her loved ones, that was such a difficult conversation I can only imagine how sad and alone she must have felt especially by the sound of her voice.

I am not even sure what logistical nightmare’s that are about to complicate our lives, coordinating to ensure she has her medication’s and Groceries. I literally started to organize my thought’s with concerns to my mother-n-law when I received news that my son’s school board decided it would be best to close his school from March 16, 2020 until April 6,2020, unless when the board meets on March 25th to extend his school’s closure.

This is insane the effects this virus has brought with it, our local grocery store is closing early due to limited inventory, even our local Costco is being cleaned out, I saw several grown adults literally fighting over Toilet-Paper, Toilet-Paper. I am not impressed with how times like these when we should be working together to support one another we are allowing fear to dictate our lives.

We are teaching our youth in the midst of all this how to handle future problems may they be big or small, this is not the message I personally want my son to learn. I am instead going to use this Health crisis as a learning experience, and come up with tools to help in the event of future situations that may arise. We owe it to our children to equip them instead of allowing them to watch grown adults fighting over Toilet-Paper.


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