I am Healthy UNH! Spotlight with Daniel

Name: Daniel Gebel

Major: Nursing

Role at UNH: Student

Year Started at UNH: Fall 2019

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Gebel, via Zoom for an “I am Healthy UNH!” spotlight interview. Daniel is a nursing major here at UNH. In addition to being a fulltime student, Daniel is also working for the university as a COVID-19 tester. This job requires him to dress in full PPE, and to test UNH faculty and staff for COVID-19.  

Unlike our typical interviews for “I am Healthy UNH!” spotlights, I got to ask Daniel about his motivations to continue his work as a UNH COVID-19 tester even though cases are beginning to rise again in most parts of the country. I also asked Daniel about how he stays connected with his friends on campus while maintaining physical distancing protocols. In the interview, Daniel gives us some great insight to balancing school work and his job. He also shares some meaningful words of encouragement for all UNH community members who feel hopeless about the pandemic.  

To watch the full interview, check out the video below on our YouTube channel! 


[embedded content]

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