Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

When it comes to thermometer’s we all have had good and bad experiences, and any mother can confirm the most of our interactions have been mostly bad filled with frustrations trying to find a reliable, easy to use. It doesn’t matter how old you are thermometer ‘s are an important must have item in everyone’s household.

I have been through countless thermometer’s with having a different complaint depending on the age of my son.  It seems I never would have much luck, well that is unless I wanted to spend over a hundred dollars. Now it is not just us mothers who need to have a thermometer in this day and age especially now that the world is dealing with the COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to find a reliable.

After so many attempts to find a reasonably priced, non-contact thermometer I found an infrared body non-contact thermometer (TH-200) buy manufacturer is ELERA.  I love how simple they have made it with one quick click you are alerted along with sound a display color alarm, GREEN: Safe; YELLOW: Slight Fever; RED: High Fever.

Advantages to buying this specific thermometer are:

  • Multiple Functions: 0-100*C(32-212*F) wide range, not only for body temperature, but also for temperature of room, object, milk, food, even bathtub water etc.
  • Three -color back-light (color alarm): Green back-light for normal body temperature, Yellow back-light for slight fever and Red back-light for high Fever.
  • 5-15 cm (2-5.9 inch) measuring range: creating a safer application when taking a temperature.
  • Quick and accurate: in just 0.5 seconds with +0.2*C(+0.4*F) precision.
  • *C and *F switchable.
  • 50 memories.
  • Alarm point is settable.
  • Settings be adjustable for different kinds of people and operating conditions.
  • Automatic shut off: 18 seconds without operation.
  • Buzzer on / off (adjustable).
  • Bluetooth and voice (optional).
  • Runs on two AAA size batteries (not included).

Honestly, I have using my thermometer for several months and have had no issues of any kind. I hope you found this helpful and as always thank you for reading my blog.