Sleepless Nights

     I am constantly researching ways to improve my sleep as I am sure many of you are for various reasons. Through my research I came across a fairly new product called Cloudy -personal diffuser. I have personally been actively using Cloudy for several weeks, I was very skeptical at first but this product works. Cloudy is drug free, natural, vegan, and thank goodness pesticide free.

Cloudy’s main ingredients are Melatonin, Lavender, Chamomile, Theanine, Grape Extract, VG/PG Blend. With no Nicotine or Diacety. Cloudy promotes relaxation and better sleep, also helps when your stressed and promotes a feeling of calmness. Cloudy’s diffuser is very easy to use and comes in a cute box that slides open with clear directions on the back of the box, containing a slim led diffuser with a rubber cap on the top of the diffuser to protect the mouthpiece. Directions displayed on the back of the box, stating take -7 inhales nightly before you are ready to go to bed. Each disposable diffuser contains 250 puffs with 0.5 MG per puff.

As with any form of product has listed warning’s that say do not drive or operate machinery when taking Melatonin.  I am always on the lookout for products to help me sleep due to unfortunate symptoms steaming from having a spinal cord injury.  So, I love when I come across a product that really works. If this is something you think my help you, check Cloudy out at I also recommend speaking to your Primary care Doctor to make sure that none of the ingredient’s interfere with any medications you may be taking or any conditions you may have.  I hope you found this blog to be very helpful, I enjoyed sharing with you by far one of my favorite products. Until next time have a great day.