The Clay Dragon – The Beast Is Here


By Dean A.

Posted Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 12:27 pm EST

Hi friends,

China, wow, who would of thought, the Beast is rising. We are facing a nightmare that we can’t seem to wake up from. Those we thought were ours friends turned out to be our enemy. And they have near about got us. Seriously, somehow we like missed all the warning signs. In our horrifying dream, that is reality, we are faced with a dragon ready to devour us. That is really not cool.

It seems that this Beast has bought off most of our government and somehow is already munching on our vital organs without us even being aware we were prey. This thing is fixing to go in for the kill. This is really scary.

It seems that this Beast has yummed up lots of our allies as well. They are all in. Their governments drank the cool-aid as well, or atleast a lot of money to purchase plenty of cool-aid for their future. Unfortunately, this happy feeling of security does not extend to “We the people.” We the people were the things sold along with our private property and families. I don’t even know what to say about this treachery.

Well, maybe there is one small thing to say about it. At
least we do know the end of the story. That is the good part. It’s just that the middle part and the climax that are not very fun. This is one of those books that would be best just to skip to the last chapter and be done. But alas,
sense this book is the book of His-story, we get to walk through it.

One blessing is that there is really a large amount of
information shared with us from scripture about this Beast. The first thing to note is that there are actually seven kingdoms listed. China is only the fierce
one that tramples the whole earth. This end times collection of bad actors is shown in two location in scripture. They are shown individually in one and
collectively in the second. A leader will rise to assume the rains of this mess. There is a lot about this character as well. But that would be another conversation. This discussion will just go over the nations as presented and
the possible understandings about them.

Before looking at the manifested beast in reality it is necessary to note who the real Dragon is pulling the strings behind-the-scenes. Of course this is the Devil, also known as Satan the adversary. He spends his time devouring individuals by tempting them to disobey God and then running to tattle on them to God when they mess up. One change that occurs in his job description, happens just before the nation Beasts manifest in our face. You see the Devil actually loses his ability to tattle on us. God chunks him out of heaven and will not let him back in. That part of the story is in Revelation chapter 12, in case you would like to read all the details. Anyway, this chunking out event makes the devil wrathful. This creates a problem for all of us here on earth. The dragon gets really busy trying to destroy everything with a special emphasis on Christians.

Now back to what we are watching happen. As I mentioned earlier, there are two visual allegory presentations of this coming governmental destruction machine. Let’s start with the one shown in Daniel chapter 7. Here’s the trick. It is indeed an allegory. That means we will have to guess at what the animals mean. And yes, that means it is actually just a guess. But, we can make an educated guess. So here goes. How I am going to look at this system is using the permanent members on the UN Security Council. That does not mean I am correct, it just fits really nicely.

Up first is a Lion
with Eagles wings
. This would be England and America. If this guess is correct, then we are in for some action. I say this because the eagle’s wings get plucked off the lion. I wonder if this might mean that we are somehow
removed from this governmental system.

Second is a Bear,
likely Russia. Its job is to devour much flesh. Sounds about correct to me, but who knows.

Third is a Leopard
with four heads and wings
. This is likely France as a representative of the EU. That is the reason for the multiple heads. Please remember this is just a

Finally there is the dreadful horrible Beast that has ten horns, possibly China. Somewhere in the process
a set of three of these horns are swapped out for a very mean little horn that I personally think is the false prophet listed in Revelation.

One thing to note about this view collectively is that
because the leopard has four heads, if you add up the heads and horns in this allegory you get seven heads and ten horns. That will match to allegory in
Revelation that we look at next.

So, here is Revelation Chapter 13, the second allegory. A beast rises up out of the sea having seven heads and tens horns, sound familiar… The beast is like a leopard, has feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. The Devil gives this thing its power. That is why all these world leaders have to do all this strange sacrificing junk of innocent people. Their god is literally the Devil. He has very nasty tastes.

There is also a false prophet that is added to this mess. He shows up as a second beast with two horns. I do wonder if this is referencing the small horn of the first allegory in Daniel. It’s a three for three thing, but we’ll have to wait and see.

The ten horns are what give us a clue about China. You see, in Chapter two of Daniel we are shown the ten horns represented as ten toes of a statue. These toes are made of iron and clay. These substances represent kingdoms. The Iron represents the old Roman Empire and but the mystery nation is the clay.

Let me introduce you to the Terracotta clay soldiers. You
have probably never heard of them but if you do a search for “terracotta soldiers” you will see that they were soldiers made of clay in 246 BCE. The pits in China that contained the terracotta clay soldiers were discovered in 1974. Yes, Clay is associated with China. Surprise!
What if the Clay means that the ten horns could be an extension of the nation
of China?

That would explain what we are witnessing happening right now. The Beast is rising.

There is one really big happy about these ten toes that are partly iron and partly clay. If you look them up in Daniel chapter two you will see that it is in the days of these ten king’s That a stone cut without hands
crashes into the statue and grinds it to powder. The stone then becomes a great mountain and covers the whole earth. That would be Jesus setting up his kingdom
on earth. That is actually a really good thing.

The Final Seven – We Are Three Years In


Posted Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 12:27pm EST

Hi Friends,

Looking forward, we can see the mark of the beast (digital implanted tracking tag) and the beast’s system (The Great Reset) of government headed our way. If you happen to be a Bible person like myself, you would say,
but wait, we know that both of those things are mid-tribulation events. That causes cognizant dissidence to set in and we get very confused. At least that is what happened to me.

Instead of pretending that reality must be in error, I
decided to go back and look to see if maybe I missed something. I started looking for anything that might fit the initiation events listed in scripture that I might have overlook in the not-to-distant past. To my amazement I found something.

If what I found is indeed the kick-off events from the final
seven years, then at the moment we are a solid three years into the final seven count down. That would make the mark of the beast and his system ready to go
live next year, 2021. The only thing missing is revealing of the Beast himself. That would be next year as well. 2021 might turn out to be Biblical. Brace yourself.

So without further delay, here is what I found. There are
two things. One I knew to look for and one I did not. I will start with the surprise sign that I didn’t even know existed. The sign that I missed comes from Revelation Chapter 12. It is actually an astrological sign. It is very
detailed. So, here is the date. The sign happened September 23, 2017. If this event started the final seven years then the end date is Feast of Trumpets on
October, 3 2024.

I know it is so unwise to set dates. It is a common joke about how many missed dates that have come and gone when looking to find God’s timeline. I fully acknowledge this. If it hadn’t been for what seems to be the seals of Revelation showing up, I would not have even backtracked to figure out what was going on. Well, actually what made me really concerned was the digital tagging issue. It’s just not an option for anything that might allow or disallow buying or selling to go anywhere near my right hand or forehead. And, I don’t care what any preacher in any church might say about the issue. The answer is NO!

Now to the sign we all know to look for. It comes from the
book of Daniel in Chapter 9. The last verses of that chapter discuss a final week of years (7 years) that will end with everlasting justice being introduced
and crime being stopped. The start of the week will begin with a strong alliance being established with many. Yes, that is vague. And, no, I do not have a solid lock on this agreement. But I did find something that is very suspicious and might be the viewable part of a much bigger iceberg that is not visible.

Here is the very suspicious treaty. The name of it is “The Treaty on the probation of nuclear weapons.” Here is what makes this very suspicious. This treaty was opened for ratification in the UN on September 20, 2017. Remember that the Revelation 12 sign happened September 23rd of the same year and the Feast of Trumpets was on September 20th the same day the treaty was opened for ratification. The 50th instrument of ratification was deposited on October 24, 2020. The TPNP will enter into force on January 22, 2021. I have no idea what this means. It is just that the Revelation 12 sign points to this treaty as suspicious. If there is more to this thing that went down behind closed doors, then it could very well be part of the agreement spoken of in Daniel 9.

So, there is a possibility that we have indeed had the startup events for the final seven years. It would make perfect sense as to why we have seen the seals of Revelation open in 2020 and the Beast rising in 2021. It means the upcoming digital tag is the mark of the beast. It also means that next year will begin the Great Tribulation spoken of by Christ in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. You should expect that the great falling away is also coming up soon as well. It is important to note that one has to at least be close to something to fall away from it.

What I am proposing is a very bumpy road ahead. I am aware that these are very hard things to say or hear. It is not my intent to ruin your day. I hope that maybe someday we will get to chat over on the other side of Jordan and you might be happy for the heads up about the time of sorrow that has come upon us. May God bless You.


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