WEGO Health Multiple Sclerosis Survey

WEGO Health is currently seeking 10 Patient Leaders in the Multiple Sclerosis Community for an upcoming virtual interview.

WEGO Health, in partnership with Janssen and Fingerpaint Agency, is currently seeking MS patient leaders for a 1-hour virtual interview. During the interview, we will be asking you to tell us your story and how you manage fatigue related to your MS. Using your story, an artist will create an illustration that will live on the Fingerpaint website to educate consumers on a new, unreleased MS treatment.

Patient Leaders selected for this opportunity will be compensated $150.

If interested, please take our survey below. We will reach out via email if you qualify.

WEGO Health Neuroendocrine Tumor (NET) Survey

Working with WEGO Health Neuroendocrine Patient Leaders, we realize the importance of raising awareness and helping other patients and caregivers out there.

WEGO Health is currently fielding a survey for NET patients. Participants in this survey will receive a $15 Amazon.com gift card for fully completed surveys. If you’re interested, please complete the survey below.